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ChainCubed creates working Proof of Concepts (PoCs) within 4 weeks

Case Studies

Gamification Europe 2018




Gamification Europe offers an Outstanding Gamification Awards ahead of their annual event, which this year was in Amsterdam between 26th and 27th November. This competition took place between 17th Sept. and 28th Oct. They used our Blockchain Prize Challenge platform for the prize entries and for their judges to select the top 3 nominees in 7 different categories.

“We are also extremely fortunate to have ChainCubed as our technology partner who provided us a blockchain-based voting platform. The beauty of this blockchain-based platform is that it’s open and transparent, but at the same time anonymous, secured, and 'un-hackable'. As judges, we can all see other judges votes and comments anonymously.”

Dr Michael Wu

"We are really thankful to ChainCubed, as the technology and the platform provider, for sponsoring the Outstanding Gamification Awards 2018. Their blockchain based challenge platform gave us ultimate confidence in the transparency and trust of the voting process for this year's awards. Alexis at ChainCubed was particularly helpful and responsive in accommodating our unique gamified requirements too."

Pete Jenkins, Chair of Gamification Europe

TEDxSquareMile 2018




TEDxSquareMile is organising a TEDx event in 9th March 2019 with the theme “Surviving or Thriving”.The organisers needed to narrow from 100 submissions down to 30 best speakers, based on selected criteria and industries. They wanted to make this selection in a complete transparent, fair and anonymous way. ChainCubed provided the Blockchain Prize Challenge platform and customised it to their specific need.

“Our speaker selection process used to be quite lengthy and challenging. We often struggled with the complications brought on by using less than friendly excel spreadsheets. Thanks to ChainCubed and to their gamified, blockchain-based voting platform, we were able to quickly get live, detailed results and useful visual breakdowns. Moreover, our whole team got involved in the process, thus ensuring fairer, less biased voting. We really enjoyed using their innovative solution and would most definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an easy-to-use, fair and transparent application dedicated to voting and selection.”

TEDxSquareMile Organiser Team

GCP in ISCT Florence 2018




During the ISCT 2018 event, the 11th-13th Sept. 2018, Our CEO and founder, Alexander, presented and demonstrated how Good Clinical Practice (GCP) would highly benefit of decentralised ledger technology linked to other disruptive technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML).

“The session on advanced manufacturing solutions included a presentation on software solutions to the complexities of advanced therapy manufacture by Mr Alexander Seyf from ChainCubed. This was a new subject for ISCT and the audience was introduced to the potential use of Blockchain technologies to this field for the first time. Alexander’s presentation neatly detailed the challenges of electronic batch records and quality release systems and used these examples to propose the use of Blockchain to provide immutable records of the complex paper trail as documents pass along the manufacturing pipeline.”

Professor Mark Lowdell, Vice President of ISCT for Europe and co-chair of the session

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